Emily Rose Morris

My Grandpa David thinks I should keep an online journal of my 1st year, with words and pictures. So, I present to you, "Emily Rose Morris," my 1st Year.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Going to the Doctor today (1/27/2005)

Yesterday was an exciting day. I dropped my umbilical cord. That sure does make cleaning easier. Nana Cauleen and Mommy took me shopping yesterday. I really like riding in the car. The motion is so comforting.

We went to Mommy and Daddy's favorite $100.00 store, Costco. That's what people call it because that's about how much everybody spends when they go in there. Anyway, I didn't like it so much for my first visit. It's BIG, not very warm, bright lights everywhere, and NOISY. We have to watch out for fork lifts, carts, and all the people. But I had fun being "out and about." We went to a couple of other stores and I enjoyed them a lot more because I didn't have to stay in my carrier. Mommy and Nana Cauleen carried me. I REALLY like being held.

Nana Cauleen is going home today. She needs to take care of Grandpa David and the dogs.

I get to visit the Doctor today for my 1 week appointment. I feel good and I think things will be fine. I'll let you know later.

Bye for now -- Love, Emily

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Baby Chic 101

Grandpa David found this Blog while looking for some quotations. Maybe Mommy and Daddy will buy me some of this stuff. I deserve it.

Baby Chic 101

Bye for now. Love, Emily

Monday, January 24, 2005

Another day of excitement (1/24/2005)

Nana Harper is here with us again. Mommy and her are working on Scrapbooking stuff. I can't wait until I can get into the rubberstamps and ink and glue and. . .

Daddy went to work. Grampa David is at home taking care of Brewster and Buffy.

My pacifier fell out today and I put it back all by myself. At least that's what Nana Harper told Mommy. I think it was an accident, but it sure caused a little excitement today. It was a lot of work putting that pacifier back in my mouth. I had to take a nap.

Oh, well. Got to go for now. Love, Emily

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Grandpa David (1/21/2005)

Grandpa David came to visit. It was fun to held by him. I feel so small in his arms. He acted like he didn't want to hold me, but I knew he liked it.

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Bye for now. Love--Emily

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Custom M & M's for Me (1/19/2005)

Grandpa has been collecting M & M's stuff for a long time. I hear he has a pretty good collection. He went over to the M & M's web site here and found a way to get some special M & M's for me. This is SO neat!!

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Bye for now -- Love, Emily

My Pictures (1/19/2005)

Well, here are some pictures from the hospital. I am 1 day old, and I am a little cranky because of all the fuss.

Anyway, I promised you some pictures, so have a look. I'll post more. I nursed after these were taken and took a nap. A nurse looked at my ears and said I had good hearing. Mommy can tell you that I have good lungs. Daddy can tell you that my other functions work just fine.

Enjoy the photos.

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Bye for now. Love, --Emily

I'm going home today (1/19/2005)

Mommy, Daddy and me are going home today. Mommy has a couple of things to do here at the hospital before we leave. Daddy will try to get pictures done. Nana is at our house. She is going to fix Fried Rice and Potstickers. I can't wait until I can eat that kind of food.

Well, I need to be fed and take another nap. I'll get some pictures up soon.

Bye for now -- Love, Emily

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I'M HERE!!!! (1/18/2005)

Hello, world. Emily Rose Morris has arrived. Mommy is doing good, Daddy is very happy.

I guess I was an easy baby. Mommy was only in labor for 3 hours. She sure seems tired though. I'm ready for the attention the world is about to give me.

Nana finally talked to Grandpa to give him the news.

So, here are my Vital Statistics:
Place of Birth: Evergreen Hospital Medical Center, Kirkland, WA
Time of Birth: 1507 (3:07pm) Pacific Standard Time
Height: 19.5 inches
Weight: 6 pounds 12 Ounces
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
I've already nursed. I've sneezed (that tickled), and I yawn a lot. I guess I'm still not use to the attention I'm getting. Pictures being taken, doctors and nurses hovering over me and cleaning me up. It's good to be out. I can't wait to finally see everyone.

Pictures to follow (hopefully tonight, if not tomorrow).

Bye for now -- Love, Emily

Today is the Day! (1/18/2005)

Mommy and me are at the hospital now. Daddy is here with us. Nana will come to the hospital later.

Mommy should be getting medicine to help me come out today. I feel good, so I'll help Mommy along.

Keep watching the Blog. I'll announce my arrival when I can. Bye for now.

Love, Emily

Monday, January 17, 2005

My visit to the Doctor (1/17/2005)

Mommy went to the doctor again today. He says I'm ready to come out, so Mommy has to go to the hospital tomorrow morning at 7:15am. She will be given some medicine to make it easier for me to come out. I should be born between 4:00pm and 8:00pm on the 18th of January 2005. Of course, I could be born earlier, but for now I'll stick to 4-8.

Nana is getting ready to come up and be with Mommy and Daddy tomorrow. Grandpa will probably come to see me on Friday, after I've been home for a couple of days. I can't wait to see everyone. Grandpa is promising to send my picture to everyone (his family).

So, until tomorrow, bye for now.

Love -- Emily

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Grandpa found this neat Historic Tale Construction Kit over at J-Walk . So, he wanted to spread the news to everyone.

Grandpa is SO NEAT!!

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Bye for now. See ya soon!!

Love, Emily

My visit to the Doctor (1/11/2005)

Mommy took me to the Doctor today. The Doctor says I weigh almost 6 pounds, I was in good position, my heart rate was very good, and I was ready to come out. The Doctor even said I could come out today if I wanted. That's pretty exciting because I'm ready to face the world (I think). If I don't come out today, I should be out by next week.

Bye for now -- Love, Emily

As Grandpa says, "Signing Off! Until next time, I'll see ya on the Blog!"

Monday, January 10, 2005

My Mommy and Daddy (1/10/2005)

Grandpa showed Mommy how to make a picture of herself as a character from South Park. So Mommy set out to do it. She made one of herself and then did one of Daddy. Pretty good, Huh? Thanks, Grandpa.

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My Mommy and Daddy

Grandpa says that if you want, you can go here to make one of your own. Maybe Mommy will make one of me when I come out.

Bye for now. Love -- Emily

As grandpa says "Signing off, I'll see ya on the Blog!"

Thursday, January 06, 2005

A visit to the Doctor (1/5/2005)

Mommy went to the doctor to see how I was doing. The doctor says Mommy is just fine. She says I am head down. She said that if I wanted to come out now, she wouldn't stop me.

The Doctor even said that I might come out a week early, the 17 of January instead of the 24th. That would be nice. I am excited for my arrival, and I know Mommy and Daddy are, too.

Nana (that's what Grandma wants me to call her) still finds me clothes to wear. She is probably more excited tan Mommy and Daddy. Grandpa is still hard to read, but I think he's just as excited as Nana, but just won't show.

Gotta go. Time to let Mommy know I'm still here.

Love -- Emily

As Grandpa says "Signing Off! Until next time, I'll see ya on the Blog!"

Monday, January 03, 2005

I want to be a Veterinarian (1/3/2005)

Grandma and Grandpa had to take Buffy (their girl German Shepherd Dog) to the Vet today. Poor Buffy has been peeing more than me lately. They thought she might have an infection.

It was so funny, They took her to the Vet and one of the tech's followed her around with a pan to try to catch some of her pee, so they could look at it in the microscope. Well, Buffy wasn't going to let that happen. (Grandpa says Buffy has D.A.D.D. -- Doggy Attention Deficit Disorder).

Anyway, Grandma and Grandpa had to leave her there for a couple of hours, so the doctors could get her to pee. FINALLY, she did.

Grandma and Grandpa have to give her medicine for the next couple of weeks and take her back so they can look at her pee again (HA!). Well, it was an expensive trip to the Doggy Doctor!

So, I decided that since Mommy and Daddy have a dog, Uncle David and Auntie Tannis have 2 dogs, and Grandma and Grandpa have 2 dogs (not to mention the assorted cats and birds and other animals in the family), I want to be a Veterinarian. Yep, that's what I want to be. Then I can take care of everyone's pets and save them some money.

What do you think Mommy?? Can I? Can I? Huh? Huh?

Love, Emily

As Grandpa David says "Signing Off! Until next time, I'll see ya on the Blog!"

Happy New Year (1/1/2005)

I guess I'm suppose to say that. I understand that wishing everyone a "Happy New Year" is suppose to bring good luck. Well, if that's so, the I will say it again: "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!"

I am almost ready to show myself to the world. I'll try and be a little quicker in saying stuff, but sometimes it's not easy. Especially since I have to keep reminding Mommy that I'm almost ready.

Anyway, I hope all is well with you, because I am just GREAT!!

Love, Emily

As Grandpa David says "Signing Off! Until next time, I'll see ya on the Blog!"

My 1st Christmas (12/25/2004)

Well, not really my 1st Christmas. After all, I'm not even here yet, but still, I can claim it as my 1st.

Mommy and Daddy took me to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Christmas. It was so neat. We left early because Daddy said Grandma was fixing breakfast (Daddy REALLY likes Grandma's breakfast). So, Mommy, Daddy, and our dog Jasmine all got in the car with all of Grandma and Grandpa's presents (and Uncle David and Auntie Tannis's presents, too) and we drove to Roy. That's where Grandma and Grandpa live. It was so much fun.

When we got there, Uncle David and Auntie Tannis were already there. They brought Rio, and U.B. (their Greyhounds). They are so funny looking, but really cute and they REALLY like to be petted. Uncle David even brought Jaz, another Greyhound he and Auntie Tannis were taking care of while his parents were on a trip.

Imagine this, 6 dogs and 6 people at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Oh, What fun!!

Anyway, I need to talk more about ME! I got all kinds of neat Christmas presents. I got clothes, and Grandma even made a special Christmas Stocking tree ornament for me that says "Emily--Made in Washington." It even has a $2.00 bill in it. How NEAT!!
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I got 2 hand crocheted hats from Auntie Tannis. I got another tree ornament that was a porcelain bootie, and a snowsuit (pink, of course), some really neat bath stuff made with Goat's milk, and some blue jean overalls, so I can help Daddy work in the garage.

I know there is a lot more stuff waiting for me when I come out. I already know what my FAVORITE store is -- Baby's-R-Us. Mommy and Daddy take me there ALL the time to get me stuff. I can't wait to see it.

Anyway, I had a fun Christmas. I'll be almost a year old when my next one comes around, I can't wait.

Bye, bye for now. Love, Emily.

As Grandpa David says "Signing Off! Until next time, I'll see ya on the Blog!"

My visit to the Doctor (12/19/2004)

Hello again. Emily here. Sorry I haven't written sooner, but it's been pretty busy here in my little world.

Mommy and Daddy took me to the Doctor on the 19th of December. They took some pictures. I really can't see a lot, but maybe you can. In picture 05, they drew an arrow to point out some hair. I still can't see it, but the doctor says it's there, so I believe her.

The doctor said that I have turned and that I'm headed in the right direction to come out. I can't wait. I'm going to have so much fun finally seeing my Mommy and Daddy. Oh, I'll get to see Grandma Cauleen and Grandpa David, too! and Uncle David and Auntie Tannis -- Oh Boy!

Well. I need to go for a little while. I'll write about Christmas next time.

Bye, Bye for now.

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So, As Grandpa David always says "Signing Off! Until next time, I'll see ya on the Blog!"